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Across Colorado or around the world, represents outstanding service and support for Industrial Control Systems. For more than ten years, our customers have relied on for technological expertise and system design of production facilities and manufacturing control. Locally owned and operated, can offer you the quality and professionalism you demand from your Systems Integrator.

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Systems Integration

Our experience includes work in several different industries, including packaging, automotive, steel and petroleum, both domestic and international. We can help in all phases of controls work from design to commissioning, including schematic design, panel layout, bill of materials and parts ordering, PLC and HMI programming, buyoff and startup.

Line Monitoring and Awareness


We are well versed in both "off the shelf" and custom programming solutions for global factory systems to monitor machine status, product flow, faults and downtime. Data are automatically collected from each machine cell via the industrial network and stored in a central data server. A full array of reports provides historical information to help with machine and line control planning and modifications.

Paperless Product Traceability

The demands of the automotive industry often require each product be traced back to its individual components and component batches, assembly data, test data, and packaging data. Paper based systems become increasingly cumbersome and unreliable as production volume increases. We can provide complete traceability systems, from the machine or assembly cell to data storage, that grow with your production demands.

Equipment and Machine Line Relocation Services

HMI specializes in the electrical disassembly and reassembly of industrial equipment, including supervision, scheduling, documentation, shutdown and installation. Our expertise in controls allows us to help in production startup once the equipment is in place at the new location, as well as insuring all equipment meets current electrical standards and local codes.

Clean Energy

Solar Array

We have just installed (28) photovoltaic solar panels for a total output of almost 6.3 kW to help power our Centennial, Colorado office. This way we can offer you our integration services using clean power from the sun!

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